Clear Succulent Plant Looks Like A Cluster Of Opals

Add this unique plant to your collection!

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Plant “parents” and would-be plant killers alike are in love with succulents. The former can nurse them into glory and propagate them, while the latter can usually manage to keep them alive. These hearty plants typically require little more than bright light and occasional watering to become the best-looking houseplants in your pad. (Sorry, fiddle-leaf figs, but you’re fiddly.)

Lest we get overly confident about how easy succulents are to grow, however, they’re not foolproof. I managed to kill a zebra plant this winter. It happens.

Still, the succulent trend has been thriving since around 2007, according to Illinois Extension. Growers are selling them like crazy, according to Garden Center Magazine, and consumers are looking for different varieties to expand their collections.

So, if you already have jades and echeverias, burro’s tails and aloes, you might be looking for the next exciting variety of succulent. And wow, do we have a looker for you.

Check out the pearlescent clear leaves of the Haworthia cooperi, also known as the cushion aloe: