An Easy Guide To Stopping Your Partner’s Snoring

Snoring is the worst. It can prevent you and your partners from getting a good night’s sleep.

This helpful infographic from The Sleep Matters Club can help you diagnose problems and offer some unique solutions to all sorts of snoring issues.

There are actually five different types of snorers, according to the club: nose, mouth breather, tongue, palatal flutterer and a combination of them. Not sure what type you are? The infographic offers tests for determining your snoring type.

Once you’ve determined what type of snoring is taking place, the graphic offers a number of solutions. For example, if you’re a “nose” snorer, nasal strips may help you. If you’re a mouth-breather, you may be a good candidate for an oral “snore guard.”

Check out the graphic below to diagnose you or your partner’s type and find some solutions.