How To Give A Better Compliment According To Meryl Streep

With a busy schedule of parties and family gatherings, knowing how to give a good compliment will definitely come in handy. But, knowing the right thing or way to say something nice can be a challenge. Fortunately, Academy Award winning actress Meryl Streep can help.

Streep is no stranger to receiving compliments. Throughout her extraordinary career, she has brought an incredible range of characters to life on stage and on the silver screen. In fact, she now has the most Golden Globe nominations of any single actor in the history of the awards.

A few weeks ago at the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston, Streep sat down with Gloria Steinem and shared words of wisdom. The annual conference aims to “promote, communicate and amplify the influence of women in the workplace and beyond.”

One piece of advice was particularly compelling. Streep shared a compliment she received from her mother.

meryl street photo
Getty Images | Mike Coppola

“You are capable.”

“My mother was a housewife, she played bridge all day,” Streep told Gloria Steinem at the conference. “But she could have run the joint chiefs of staff. She was a really extraordinary person, and she never had the chance. But she said, ‘Meryl, you are capable.’ That’s the highest compliment in the world.”

Those words have stuck with her over the years. Streep deems this compliment the most meaningful. Considering her illustrious career, that’s certainly saying something.

“You are capable.” According to Streep, these words are powerful. They are much more influential than a comment about a pair of shoes or a haircut.

Streep went on to explain why this particular compliment holds so much power, especially for women. Sharing a compliment like this is just the beginning. It is an easy way to uplift other women.

“No, my advice is to support women. Support your girlfriends,” Streep told the audience.

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Getty Images | Jemal Countess

It has been an exciting year for the actress. Streep’s latest film, “The Post,” is garnering plenty of praise. And, “Devil Wears Prada” and “Death Becomes Her” are both heading to Broadway.

Now we just need Streep to share her tips for accepting compliments.