You Can Now Get Your Driving Directions From Cookie Monster On Waze

Take us to Sesame Street!

Do you use Waze, the alternative to Google Maps that’s known for its crowdsourced traffic reports and cute emoji-style icons? If so, and if you’re in the U.S., you’ve got a new voice option that will tell you how to get to Sesame Street. You can now get turn-by-turn driving directions from Cookie Monster himself!

To get Cookie Monster’s distinctive voice on your Waze app, open the app and go to the magnifying glass icon that’s at the bottom left of your Waze screen. You’ll see the Settings icon, which looks like a gear, on the top left side. Once you click that, you’ll get a menu. Under “Voice & sound,” go to “Waze voice.” It’ll probably be set to the default, which is “English (US) – Jane.” To change it, click the selection and then look under the menu “Waze voices.” You should find it as “English (US) – Cookie Monster.” Then hop in your car, and away you go!

Waze announced the new voice, along with new “moods” on the app, in early June on its social media:

(Perhaps this joyous addition was meant to coincide with National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, which happened on Aug. 4?)