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Garth Brooks Still Calls Trisha Yearwood By This Pet Name After 12 Years Of Marriage

This is cute. Do you and your partner have nicknames for each other?

There are some nicknames that need to be forgotten, even if they were bestowed by loving parents or friends with a sense of humor (think Bucky, Shorty or Stinky).

Then, there are others that show respect, appreciation and most of all, love.

While it might sound a little silly when you hear other couples calling each other by pet names, it’s actually a habit that can be beneficial to a relationship. They can convey inside jokes or special code words that only the partners understand. These sweet monikers can also show that a relationship is in a good place. After all, you’re a lot less likely to call your mate “Muffin” when you are angry with him or her.

Even celebrities come up with nicknames for their significant other. Country music power couple Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have a unique set of names for one another, both of which have stuck around during their 12-year marriage.

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The pair met while recording a demo in 1987. Friends and bandmates for many years, they ultimately wed in 2005.

Brooks sweetly calls his wife by the royal nickname of “Queen.” In a 2016 post on his Facebook page, Brooks posted a video about his wife’s upcoming birthday.

“You know what this week is?” he asked. “That’s right. It’s the Queen’s birthday.”

After a quick serenade and a smooch, he asked fans to wish her a special day, as well.

It turns out, Yearwood also shows her affection for Brooks with pet names, often calling him “Honey” and “Darling.”

However, Brooks always seems to bring the topic of conversation back to his regal bride. He says that on their farm, everyone treats Yearwood like a queen. He even says that in her presence, fans seem to stand up a little straighter.

“What I love about her,” says Brooks, “is no matter the size of the audience, no matter the situation she’s in, she’s always been the same person. That’s a true mark of character.”

That’s a man who doesn’t mind bowing before the Queen.

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