Here’s What The ‘Friends’ Apartment Would Look Like If It Were Updated For 2018

Rachel’s hair or Joey’s charisma — everyone wanted a little piece of “Friends” during its heyday. For many fans, that something was Monica’s apartment! The organized chef on the show had a colorful and eclectic style we all loved.

Fourteen years after the final episode aired, we can still draw some design inspiration from this NYC home with help from interior design startup Modsy. The company imagined what it might look like to give Monica’s spacious purple apartment a modern design refresh.

The result? More muted and natural colors, sleek furniture and some cozy, rustic touches in the decor. Take a look!

Monica And Chandler’s Family Home

If Monica and Chandler were back in their New York apartment, Modsy would trade out the purple walls for a neutral hue, creating a “rustic warmth.” According to Alessandra Wood, Modsy’s Director of Style, this update satisfies Monica’s eclectic taste and Chandler’s need for comfort.


But Monica would never get rid of the purple door or iconic yellow peephole frame!

Remember the mismatched kitchen chairs? Modsy also used four different chairs but made the kitchen look cohesive at the same time. Monica was on the right track with exposed shelves but minimized the clutter in 2018, so there would be fewer items for the twins to get into!


Rachel’s Chic Transformation

Imagine if Rachel had moved back into the apartment. Modsy refers to Rachel’s style as “Less Is More Chic.” So true! The apartment run by Rachel would have a cleaner and simpler look with a subway tile backsplash in the kitchen and touch of pink with a blush living room sofa.


Rachel’s version of the apartment would also have a hint of sophistication with this Dahlia marble desk for an in-home work space. Perfect for a working mom!


Joey’s Bachelor Pad

Joey has also grown up over the years and he may need a movie-star-worthy apartment he can show off to the ladies. Modsy dubbed Joey’s version of the apartment “Atomic Industrial,” and filled it with various woods, metals and leathers.


You can’t transform Joey altogether, though. The magnetic sketch pad, foosball table, Pat the dog and Dr. Drake Ramoray magazine cover all survived into 2018.


Do you dig the designs or do you miss those purple walls? Did you know that there’s a reason why Monica’s walls were purple from the get-go? Click here to find out why!