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‘French Fry Boards’ Are The Latest Food Trend

We'd like to thank the genius who thought of this!

If you’ve ever been to a fancy frites place, you probably got a few different dipping sauces to try out with the fries, like some flavored ketchups, an aioli, maybe a honey mustard or barbecue sauce. It’s fun, right?

Now, try multiplying both the dipping sauces and the types of fried potatoes, spread it all out on a big board, and you’ve got a fried-food extravaganza known as a fries board.

The concept of a fries board is just like a cheese board: Find a bunch of different kinds of fries (classic fries, sweet potato fries, steak fries, waffle fries, home fries, tater tots, etc.) and then pair them with a bunch of different things that’ll taste good with them (in the case of fries, that’s dipping sauces).

The possibilities for flavor combinations are virtually endless. Spicy waffle fries dipped in a sweet ketchup? Sure! Garlic fries dipped in ranch dressing? Give it a shot! You’re really only limited by your imagination.

It seems that the genesis of the fries board can be traced back to Instagram user @thedelicious who posted her fries board in early January, complete with an impressive array of different fries and some vibrant dipping sauce options.