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Quarantine Pregnancy Announcements Are Starting To Pop Up On Social Media And They’re Hilarious

"My parents did not practice social distancing."

It’s been about three months since the COVID-19 pandemic started causing people to stick more closely to home for an extended period. As a result, they had a lot of free time on their hands. When that happens … let’s just say “Netflix and chill” becomes a more common thing. And we all know the “chill” part is just a euphemism.

Some people wondered early on if a baby boom might be the result of families isolating themselves. And, while experts don’t expect a full-fledged baby boom from our time inside, couples who recently discovered they are expecting a baby are having a little fun connecting social distancing to their child’s conception.

A number of adorable (and funny) baby announcements are popping up around social media to add a little humor and joy to the current mood.

Instagrammer @msmariealvarez1 of Las Vegas, Nevada posted a photo of a onesie proclaiming “My parents did not practice social distancing” with the caption “Proof quarantine wasn’t always boring.”