This U.K. Town Built A Field Of LEGO Daffodils

Whether it’s because you can’t stop sneezing or the fact that you can actually shed some of those winter layers, spring has arrived. And one town in the U.K. had the grand idea to celebrate the new season in a very unique and fun way.

The city of Hull puts on several events as part of its cultural programming. There’s one event per season and each is intended to celebrate the unique characteristics of the city’s culture by bringing something thrilling for residents to enjoy.

The city’s spring event included a spectacular display of 1,700 daffodils, constructed entirely out of brightly colored yellow, orange and green LEGO bricks.

“We’re working with the artists of Hull to celebrate the culture of the city and its place in the wider cultural offer of the North, and make Hull a cultural destination for must-see events,” the Hull UK City of Culture website states.

The stunning work of art was built by the company Bright Bricks, which is headed up LEGO-certified professional (yes, there is such a thing!) Duncan Titmarsh.

What’s amazing is that this gorgeous field of daffodils was constructed using a reported 146,400 Lego bricks! The BBC reports that the cheery display took six builders a full month to construct.

The city of Hull went on to say that they hope the vibrant display has brought joy to those who were able to view the astonishing work of art.

While LEGO fans around the world would be delighted if the display were to become a permanent fixture of the city’s square, the plans are to allow Hull residents to take a LEGO daffodil home when the display is dismantled on April 18.

By the looks of it, residents of Hull were very pleased with the unique work of art—here’s hoping other cities and towns pay attention and follow suit with similarly joyful public art installations.