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This Company Claims You Can Build A Quality Backyard Ice Rink In An Hour

All you need to provide is water! Would you try it?

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Ever dreamed of having your very own ice-skating rink? Well, one company claims it can help you easily build one in about an hour.

EZ Ice, a family-owned company based in Rhode Island, ships you everything you’d need to set up a rink in a large, semi-flat space, like a lawn, driveway or tennis court. You just have to provide the water—and the cash, of course. The company’s rinks are self-standing and self-stabilizing, so you should be able to get the whole thing built and ready for water in a short amount of time.

Don’t believe it? Watch the company’s promotional video to learn more about how its rinks work:

It will, of course, take longer than an hour for the water you pump in to freeze but the good news is that EZ Ice’s rinks are designed so that the water self-levels as it freezes, so you shouldn’t have to deal with a wonky, uneven rink. And the company promises you don’t need any tools to get your rink up and running.

To drive home its claim that EZ Ice rinks are a cinch to set up, a pair of young, hockey-loving YouTube personalities called Butcher Boyz Rule built one of the rinks themselves in a video. The only bummer is that it was too warm outside for the water to freeze. It’s likely that this video was sponsored by EZ Ice but it still shows how easy the product is to build out of the box.

But as you’ve likely guessed, having your own ice rink isn’t exactly cheap. The company’s smallest size, at 15 feet by 30 feet, costs $1,900. The largest rink (85 feet by 200 feet) would set you back $14,900! There are several sizes in between and EZ Ice also takes custom orders of any increment of 5 feet on each side, starting at $1,100. I couldn’t find unbiased reviews of the product, but the company offers positive testimonials on its website.

There are some other companies online that offer a similar product. NiceRink sells a 20-feet by 40-feet backyard rink for about $400. The reviews of NiceRink are a mixed bag, with some giving it 5-star raves and others giving it 1-star grades. Other companies, including Rave and Gazebo Penguin, offer backyard ice rinks for less than $150 but there weren’t many reviews of those available online either.

As for EZ Ice’s rink, it comes apart and stores when not in use. It looks like hockey families are the primary customers, but it could likely be great for figure skaters, too—or really anyone who enjoys getting out on the ice for some fun and exercise.

Would you try—or have you tried—a backyard ice rink? Let us know!

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