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New ‘Dunkabroos’ Beer Is Brewed With Cookies, Cream And Sprinkles

It's an adult version of the nostalgic '90s snack!

Can you imagine going back in time to the 1990s and telling your child-self that your after-school snack would someday be turned into a beer flavor?

Dunkaroos, the classic ’90s snack, has been enjoying a comeback lately, and now there’s even a Dunkaroos-inspired beer.

Martin House Brewing in Fort Worth, Texas, made an 8% ABV cream ale designed to taste exactly like Dunkaroos, sprinkles and all. The beer, which they’ve dubbed Dunkabroos, is brewed with cookies, rich vanilla cream and rainbow sprinkles.

“This beer is nostalgia in a can,” the brewery wrote in their Facebook post about Dunkabroos.

Even the artwork on the beer cans pay perfect homage to the squiggly laser motif that was such a trend in ’90s graphic design: