Domino’s Has Launched A Baby Registry For Pizza-Loving Moms-To-Be (Yes, Really)

If you thought a quick trip to Babies ‘R Us was enough to find everything you want for your baby registry, think again. Domino’s (yes, that Domino’s) is getting in on the baby shower gift-giving with a registry all their own. And yes, it is full of pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. It’s actually a pizza registry.

The pizza chain’s baby registry features a variety of packages for parents to-be, like “Newborn Lockdown,” “Date Night at Home,” or to celebrate “Sleeping Through the Night” — all of which obviously deserve pizza!

“There’s nothing more exciting – and exhausting – than welcoming a new member to the family,” Meenakshi Nagarajan, Domino’s director of digital marketing, said in a press release. “From baby showers to the big delivery, our baby registry makes it easy to enjoy pizza during the exciting events leading up to the baby’s arrival and thereafter.”

The pizza registry is simple for both the parents and gift-givers. Parents simply add the pizza packages to their registry and share a unique URL with friends and family. No, a ton of pizza doesn’t just show up wrapped in pink or blue paper (although that would be AWESOME). Gift-givers simply purchase a package from the registry and mom and dad will get a gift card featuring the name of the package.


Earlier this year, Domino’s introduced a wedding registry with pizza packages like “The Wedding Night” and “Post-Honeymoon Adjustment to Real Life.” Nagarajan says that registry was popular with customers: “In fact, our baby registry is making its debut exactly nine months later.”

Talk about a honeymoon treat!

One lucky mom can even enter to win pizza for a year, along with other pizza-themed gifts like onesies, leggings, moccasins and mugs. To enter, just head over to Gugu Guru’s blog or Facebook page.

Some of the pizza-themed gifts are also available for purchase and if the parents-to-be love the cheesy goodness that is pizza enough to add it to their registry, you better believe they’ll want the merchandise, too!


What a time to be alive! (And have a baby.)