Here’s How To Turn Bottle Caps Into Tiny Containers

This is the cutest container you've ever laid eyes on!

Tiny is IN. Have you seen how popular tiny houses are? We rest our case. And now, you can take run-of-the-mill bottle caps, like from soft drinks or water bottles, and turn ’em into tiny little containers that you can use for…well, tiny little stuff. Like your daily vitamins, or earrings perhaps! Here’s all you need to do.

1. Get A Two-Liter Soft Drink

Once you’ve finished that soda, don’t throw the bottle away!


2. And You’ll Need One More Cap

Might serve you well to have two two-liter bottles, actually.


3. Grab Some Scissors

Now, it’s time to get crafty.


4. Along With A Tube Of Glue

Gather all of the supplies, of course.


5. Now, Cut The Bottle In Half

And it’s time to put them to work.


6. Cut Until Only The Neck Remains

Just keep cutting, just keep cutting!


7. Wind Up With This

Ta-Da! The (nearly) finished product.


8. Squirt Some Glue On

Apply some glue to the opposite end of where the cap screws on.


9. Take One Of The Caps

You’ll use the glue to secure the second cap in place.


10. And Smoosh It On

There you go!


11. The Other Cap Screws On Top!

Now, screw the other top into place.


You’ve just created your very own container. What will you do with it? Maybe put some hand cream or lotion in there. Who knows? The possibilities are endless!


Here’s the complete clip so you can do it for yourself:

[h/t: LittleLeyWorld and 5-Minute Crafts]

This story originally appeared on Simplemost.