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This Gorgeous DIY Costco Wedding Cake Only Cost $50 To Create

This is a brilliant and delicious way to save some money!

Wedding cakes are insanely expensive. They can cost upwards of $300, and that’s depending on how many tiers you want. They can cost a lot more if you want the enormous, flowery creations you see all over Pinterest.

But one frugal man decided he didn’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for his cake. So, with the help of Costco, Trader Joe’s and Hobby Lobby, he and his family created a gorgeous DIY wedding cake for only $50.

Jessica Hoyle-King, a lifestyle and design Instagrammer who runs the account @cottagefarmhouse, shared a picture of her brother’s gorgeous multi-tiered white wedding cake — from Costco! — covered in flowers. Her post about this incredible $50 cake has since racked up nearly 5,500 likes. Not only is this a brilliant way to save money, it’s also tasty: Costco sheet cakes are absolutely delicious.

“We created a beautiful wedding cake out of two white Costco cakes, with cream cheese filling, for my brother’s wedding recently,” Hoyle-King told ABC News in an interview. “Basically we cut them into squares, stacked them with homemade buttercream frosting and then threw some flowers on it from Trader Joe’s.”

The cost in the end? “I think we spent less than $50-ish total,” she said.