Coach, Vera Wang, Betsey Johnson And Other Brands Are Launching Designer Mickey And Minnie Mouse Ears

Take a trip to the Disney parks or hop a ride on one of their cruise ships and they’re ubiquitous. Sequined, polka-dotted, rainbow-colored, floral — if you don’t pick up a pair of Disney’s popular mouse ears, you can’t help but feel left out.

And there are plenty of styles to choose from. The ShopDisney site has, as of this writing, 63 different pairs of ear hats and headbands, including a Chewbacca ear hat, a Toy Story alien light-up headband and even a Minnie Mouse DIY Ears Kit. Sure, it may seem frivolous to spend nearly $30 on a pair of ears you may only wear a handful of times. But it’s hard to resist their sparkle. And what better way to mark yourself as a dedicated Mouseketeer?

Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

So you’ll understand if I low-key covet the new Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears coming out of Disney’s new Disney Parks Designer Collection.

Here’s the lowdown: Disney is pairing with a number of well-known designers, actors and popular brands to create specially made Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears. Starting on May 24 — and continuing through summer 2020 — a new pair of ears will be unveiled each month.

The first pair of ears is by Harveys, a lifestyle brand known for its seatbelt bags (bags made out of seatbelt material). As such, their ears will also feature the upcycled seatbelts. From there, the ears only get more eye-catching.

For example, this summer, Disney will release a pair of Betsey Johnson-designed ears. True to form, they’re bright and bold and a whole lot of fun:

Photo Courtesy: Disney

In fall 2019, Heidi Klum’s bling-tastic ears will become available:

Photo Courtesy: Disney

Other pairs of ears are character-driven…

Photo Courtesy: Disney

… while still others nod at specific attractions within the park, like the Enchanted Tiki Room:

Photo Courtesy: Disney

And then there’s my favorite pair: a gorgeous, leather floral-inspired pair from Coach, also out in the fall:

Photo Courtesy: Disney

Anyone want to get me a late birthday present?

Anyway. There will also be designs from Alex and Ani, Her Universe, Loungefly, Vera Wang and others, and I can’t wait to see them all!

And there will be plenty of ways in which to throw all of your money at Disney. You’ll be able to shop these designs through the website, of course, but the ears will also be available in both the California and Florida parks.

How much money are we talking? According to a press release from Disney, the new designs will range from as low as $58 to as high as $600.

For that amount, I may have to wear my new ears while I run everyday errands, just to make the price tag worth it. Still, considering how stylin’ these new designs look, I remain tempted.