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Disney’s Various Resorts Have Created Gigantic Gingerbread Displays

Wait until you see this gingerbread carousel!

We’re all well aware that Disney knows how to bring the magic to any occasion. And the holidays are no exception. In Disney’s theme parks and resorts around the world, cast members have dedicated countless hours to creating incredible holiday scenes. But one of the most popular holiday decorations around the Disney resorts are the fantastic gingerbread creations.

There are traditional gingerbread houses, of course. But Disney doesn’t just stick with traditional. How could they? They inevitably go bigger, better and more creative.

We’ve gathered a collection of gingerbread delights you have to see to believe. We bet it will be difficult to choose your favorite!

A Sweet Ride

Over at Walt Disney World’s Beach Club Resort, holiday bakers have eschewed the traditional gingerbread house in favor of a carousel! This is the 18th anniversary of the Holiday Carousel at the Beach Club. And yes, it’s full size. And of course it spins. And—best of all—it’s edible!

I’ve seen this gorgeous confection in person and it’s even more beautiful than what you can see in the photos. For 2017, the designers decided to use a “Lilo and Stitch” theme.

Disney Yacht Club Edible carousel! #disneyholidaycelebration

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A Haunted Gingerbread House?

Over at Disneyland in California, bakers designed something a little spooky for the holiday season. They got inspired by the park’s iconic Haunted Mansion and the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and created this piece of edible art! It stands more than six feet tall, and check out this list of ingredients:

  • 200 pounds gingerbread
  • 200 pounds powdered sugar
  • 4 gallons egg whites
  • 1 gallon lemon juice
  • 30 pounds white chocolate
  • 50 pounds gum paste
  • 8 ounces (each) food coloring (blue, purple, orange, yellow, red)
  • 16 ounces green food coloring
  • 50 pounds fondant
  • 1/3 pound glitter
  • 200 hours Disney Culinary Magic

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Welcome To The Gingerbread Hotel

Again, Disneyland culinary artists opted to go bigger when creating a replica of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. It took 600 pounds of both gingerbread and powered sugar to make this beautiful holiday decoration. Watch this YouTube video to get a tour of the gingerbread hotel:

Head Over To the Boardwalk

Make a bakery out of gingerbread? Seems like a delicious idea! Back over at Walt Disney World, the culinary artists at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort came up with this clever play on the gingerbread house:

An American Adventure

Inside Epcot’s American Adventure pavilion in the World Showcase, guests can see a gingerbread replica of a number of Washington, D.C.’s iconic landmarks, including the Capitol building.

Cinderella Castle

It wouldn’t be Walt Disney World without Cinderella’s castle, right? Inside Disney’s Contemporary Resort, bakers designed this replica of the Magic Kingdom centerpiece. There’s also some “It’s a Small World” theming tucked in there, too:

A Gingerbread House You Can Walk Into

If none of these are big enough for you, then you’ll want to check out our final entry for magical gingerbread creations from Disney. Each year, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa builds a life-size gingerbread house in the lobby. Guests can not only enjoy the gorgeous exterior, but they can also go inside to find freshly baked treats!

Gingerbread House no Grand Floridian. Maravilhosa! (Thais)

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We’re not sure who can top that.

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