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Disney Has Cast Its First Black Live-Action Prince

This is a well-deserved role for a talented young actor!

Niles Fitch is having a banner year. After spending a fourth season playing young Randall Pearson on ABC’s crazy-popular drama “This Is Us,” the actor casually dropped on Instagram recently that he’s starring in an upcoming Disney+ movie as a prince — making him Disney’s first black live-action prince.

The history-making role is Prince Tuma in the sci-fi fantasy film “Secret Society of Second-Born Royals,” which follows a group of young princes and princesses who also have superpowers.

Under the tutelage of another superhero royal, Professor James Morrow (played by Skylar Astin of “Pitch Perfect” and “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” fame), the teens learn how to harness their powers for good in order to protect the throne from a vengeful villain known as Inmate 34 (played by Greg Bryk).

Fitch shared a screenshot of the Entertainment Weekly exclusive about the movie on Instagram with the caption, “Welcome Disney’s first Black prince.”