Couple Who Adopted 7 Biological Siblings Are Celebrating Their First Christmas As A Family

For the Olds family, Christmas 2017 will be truly blessed—like seriously, massively blessed.

Last Christmas, it was just DaShoan and Sofia Olds together in their home in Florida. This year, the couple has seven kids to celebrate the holiday with. Yes, seven children.

In September, the Olds, who have no biological children, adopted seven biological siblings after reading news stories in 2016 about kids being split up in various foster homes. The new members of the Olds family are Necia, 12, Eric, 11, Erica, 11, Zavian, 9, Dava, 8, Keyon, 6 and Gentry, 4.

“These children need a home, we have a home,” DaShoan told Inside Edition. “It’s time for us to be a blessing and take home these children.”

It was a process that started in November 2016, when Sofia saw a story shared on Facebook about the siblings. In January 2017, DaShoan and Sofia started taking parenting classes and all seven kids eventually moved in with them in June.

The adoption became official on Sept. 14, according to a Facebook post from DaShoan.

DaShoan cited his mother and Sofia’s parents as their inspiration for taking in the kid. He wrote on Facebook that they set “an extraordinary example of great parenting.”

DaShoan and Sofia have been married for more than 12 years. They each served the U.S. military in Iraq and live in their “dream home” in Marianna, Florida. The extra space in that house has certainly been filled!

The Olds are clearly ready for an exciting first Christmas as a family. Earlier this month, DaShoan posted the family’s first Christmas card on Facebook, which shows everyone smiling and dressed up for a winter in Florida, which means short sleeves and dresses.

The giving spirit of the Olds is what the holiday season is all about.

We’ll never get tired of heartwarming stories about children finding loving homes, whether it’s 35 kids, seven kids or just one.