The Delightful Story Behind Spider-Themed Christmas Ornaments

Who knew spiders could be so charming? This story might change your opinion on spiders.

If you see a spider decorating someone’s Christmas tree this holiday season, don’t assume your friend simply loves arachnids.

There’s actually a legend behind spidery Christmas tree ornaments, and it’s an interesting story for anyone fascinated by the origins of various traditions.

Some sources claim that the spider ornament got its beginnings as a Ukrainian folk story:

As the legend goes, a poor widow and her children finally managed to get a Christmas tree of their own inside their little hut in the hills, but they couldn’t afford to buy decorations for it.

christmas tree photo
Getty Images | Bryan Bedder

They went to sleep on Christmas Eve with heavy hearts, knowing that their tree would be just as empty on Christmas morning, and the widow’s young children cried.

Hearing the kids’ pitiful cries, however, the spiders that lived in the hut decided to band together and string beautiful webs across the trees’ branches, leaving the Christmas tree gleaming silver.

christmas tree photo
Getty Images | Dan Kitwood

When the small family awoke the following morning, they were excited to see the surprise and reminded to be grateful for everything they already had in their lives.

It’s a sweet story and one that’s led to some beautiful ornaments. Check out this charming spider made with beads from @leannalately: