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Dairy Queen Is Now Serving A Cotton Candy Dipped Ice Cream Cone At Some Locations

Yum! We can't wait to try this!

The rumors are spreading and a cursory glance at DQ’s online menu confirms they are true: Cotton Candy Dipped Cones are a thing, and if they’re not already available at your neighborhood Dairy Queen, they could be coming soon.

The world-famous vanilla soft-serve ice cream cones are dipped in sweet, robin’s egg blue, cotton candy-flavored coating.

Although the website listing says the flavor is coming soon, it appears that they are already available in some locations. Check out this delicious-looking treat:

Dairy Queen

Pics of the tempting blue cones are popping up on social media. It’s safe to say that the cones are a big hit with those lucky enough to have tried them already.

The cones were apparently available briefly last year, when Delish wrote about rumors that Canadian customers were able to try them. So it looks like they’re back and will be more widely available, which is great news if they’re as delicious as everyone says!

DQ locations are among the ones talking about the treat, of course. The Blair Mill Dairy Queen in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, opened for the season recently and just posted this on Instagram: