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Dads Adopt Their Infant Son Over Zoom During The Pandemic

Congratulations to this sweet family!

The pandemic has forced us to take many aspects of our lives online. By now, we’re all used to managing distance learning for our kids and doing video calls with friends and colleagues. We’ve even seen the media coverage of virtual weddings. But this latest may surprise you.

A Florida couple recently became parents over Zoom. Anthony Lach and Chris More were preparing to adopt their baby on April 15 when the pandemic caused courts to temporarily halt all adoptions. In early May, they learned that the court was conducting adoptions online and, on May 14, they were able to formally adopt their son, Parker Terrence Lachmore, via a Zoom call.

Parker was born on Dec. 31, 2019, in Arizona and his dads-to-be learned at that time that a traumatic birth meant he’d be spending some time in the NICU. The Orlando residents immediately flew to Arizona to be with him, but because they had not yet signed adoption papers, they were unable to get a lot of information about his condition.

After signing the papers, they were finally able to visit their baby boy in the NICU. Miraculously, Parker made progress much more quickly than doctors expected and he was able to go home to Florida with his dads on Jan. 13.

More took to Instagram that day to share the good news: