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Dad-To-Be Stages Hilarious Paternity Photo Shoot

Who says pregnancy photos just have to be for the mom?

Maternity photo shoots have become a staple of a mom’s pregnancy journey. From posing in a field with a crown of flowers to posing for a nude black-and-white photo, these pictures are beautiful mementos which parents treasure forever.

However, until now, these photo shoots have always been just for moms. And, they have always been relatively serious affairs. After all, this is the creation of a new human being we are celebrating! Well, one dad has decided it is time for fathers to enjoy paternity shoots…and of course, it has to have some of that trademark ‘dad humor.’

It all started when dad-to-be Nick Roberts was approached by his photographer friend Stephen Cwoik. The photographer had a hilarious idea he wanted to try out with Roberts’ help. He wanted to poke a little good-natured fun at those somber, artsy photos that moms-to-be take while showing off their baby bump. Roberts agreed to the plan, and the results are utterly hilarious:

Love that he is not afraid to rock his little dad belly. Hey, getting pregnant is hard on both parents. Who has time to go to the gym when you’re busy setting up the crib and delivering pickles and ice cream to your pregnant partner?

As you can see, he also made sure to include some McDonald’s goodness in his pictures, because let’s face it, he can’t blame his belly on a growing baby…but he can blame it on a Big Mac and Fries!

You have to love that he kept a straight face and even managed to give off a dreamy, ethereal vibe, as if he is a mom doing a gorgeous maternity shoot.

And, even though these images are meant to be funny, there is no denying that dad Nick Roberts actually has some modeling talent. Look at him “smizing” like Tyra Banks herself is coaching him! Work, honey, honey!

Oh, and for the record, mom Brianna Magee thought the photos were hilarious. She gave birth to their son Logan in October. And no doubt when he is old enough, he is going to love these funny pictures as much as we do!

h/t: The Stir

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