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How To Create Rustic Reindeer Lawn Ornaments Using Logs

These adorable reindeer will take your lawn display to the next level.

Maybe over-the-top colored lights aren’t your style. But you’re still looking for a way to decorate your yard this holiday season, perhaps in a way that’s a but more understated, we’ve got just the thing for you. It’s simple to DIY your own rustic lawn reindeer using just logs.

The great thing about this project is that it can be done at any scale. The DIY Network has a tutorial, with instructions for creating large reindeer using thick logs. But if you’re not so handy with power tools, you can also do a version of this project for use inside of your home using smaller branches or even wine corks. Place these on the mantel, and you’ll definitely fill your home with the Christmas spirit. What’s Santa without his reindeer, after all?

How To Make Lawn-Sized Reindeer

If you’d like to give the larger version a go, you’ll need large logs for the torso of the reindeer, medium-sized logs for the head, sticks for the antlers, wood glue and a dark stain. As far as tools, you’ll need a chop saw, drill and two different drill bits for the legs and antlers.

Once you’ve gathered your materials, it’s all about assembly. You can find the full tutorial for how to bring these creatures to life on the DIY Network website.


Once they’re assembled, it’s time for the really fun part: decorating your reindeer! You can choose to put a wreath around their necks or dress them up, scarf, red nose and all. Look to Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration! Here are a few of our favorites. First up, any good reindeer requires googly eyes. And the cherry on top? Red glitter for a Rudolph-style nose!