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This Couple Got Married As A Volcano Erupted Behind Them And Their Wedding Photos Are Stunning

Best wishes to this adventurous couple!

Stunning as in: Uh, are you sure you guys should be doing this?

A young couple in the Philippines decided to proceed with their wedding earlier this week, despite the ominous rumblings and spewing ash of the Taal volcano about 12 miles away.

According to wedding photographer Randolf Evan, the wedding party tried to keep abreast of the developing situation on Sunday, Jan. 12 as the ceremony approached. Taal erupted that afternoon.

“We were actually nervous because while working we kept on checking social media for updates on the volcanic eruption,” Evan told CNN. “We also discreetly discussed among ourselves what we should do when worst comes to worst.”

taal photo
Getty Images | Ezra Acayan

Kat and Chino Vaflor tied the knot as Taal sent ash and smoke high into the sky — and eventually down on the earth below, where thousands of citizens had been evacuated. Evan said that the wedding guests remained “calm” despite the looming shadow of destruction.

It’s one thing to embrace some unpleasant weather, such as precipitation, on your big day. It’s quite another to celebrate in the face of a massive volcanic eruption. Evan posted the photos on social media and they’ve gone viral — you can see why: