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Cold Stone’s Cake Batter Ice Cream Is Jet-Black For Halloween

This looks so delicious, it's scary!

In celebration of Halloween, Cold Stone Creamery’s iconic Cake Batter Ice Cream flavor is getting a spooky makeover.

The Treat or Treat Creation features jet-black ice cream filled with a number of Halloween treats, including Halloween Oreos, Kit Kats and M&Ms. They’re calling the black ice cream Boo Batter, but if you try a taste, you’ll realize it’s actually Cake Batter Ice Cream in disguise.

Unlike certain other black ice creams, which get their dark hues from activated charcoal mixed into the icy dessert, Cold Stone’s Boo Batter is simply regular ice cream that has been dyed black to make it more ghoulish-looking for Halloween.

On Sept. 27, Cold Stone teased the spooky sweet stuff on Instagram: