This Coffee Table Doubles As A Fridge So You’ll Never Have To Leave Your Couch Again

Talk about convenience!

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You might as well go ahead and get comfortable because if you take a seat on your couch and you happen to have this coffee table, you’ll likely never move again. Well, at least not until you absolutely have to.

This coffee table doubles as a refrigerator. It also comes equipped with USB ports and a charging station, and even has Bluetooth speakers. If this sounds like the ultimate piece of technology it’s because—well, it is.

Your new favorite piece of furniture is called the Sobro. It started out as a project on Indegogo. At the time, the designers behind this essential pieces of furniture were looking to raise $50,000 to make these cool coffee tables a reality.


Since the project earned more than $1 million in the fund-raising process, it’s clear that people can’t wait for something like this to exist.

For those who were early to pre-order one of these slick tables, the packages have already shipped. They began shipping out in September. But don’t worry—it’s not too late to place an order for your very own table. According to the Indegogo page, you can get this table for 40 percent off at $899 (including shipping) if you order now.

Nearly $900 is a hefty amount, but there are already coffee tables out there that cost at least this much from West Elm and other furniture retailers. And do they have built-in fridges? Considering all of the perks that come along with this coffee table, $900 actually kinda seems like a small price to pay.

Of course, you don’t have to pay upwards of $1,000 to get a fridge right in your living room. You could always install a mini-fridge near your couch and, lucky for you, there are some pretty sleek-looking ones online. This wine cooler, for example, wouldn’t look bad in your modern living room:


It retails for a cool $256, and is a great option for all the wine connoisseurs out there.

And if your heart is set on the coffee table/fridge combo, well, the Sobro isn’t the only option you have. There’s another one available through Amazon. The catch? It’ll cost you $1,199. But the upside is that you can get it delivered very quickly if you’re an Amazon Prime member.


No matter how you choose to do it, adding the convenience of refrigeration to wherever you do your lounging certainly seems like a good idea. Interested in decreasing your productivity and increasing your relaxation? Start shopping!

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