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Chipotle Just Shared Its Guacamole Recipe

Grab some chips and mix up a batch of this guac!

Since getting food from restaurants at this point can be an exercise in aggravating your anxiety, Chipotle has decided to take some pity on all of us.

The beloved burrito chain has decided to spill the black beans on one of its most cherished menu items: guacamole. While you can obviously find recipes for guacamole strewn across the internet like the tortilla chip crumbs that currently decorate your couch, there’s just something different about Chipotle’s signature guac.

The dip that we all gladly pay extra for can now be made in your own kitchen using some pretty basic ingredients and no special equipment. On Twitter last week, Chipotle shared the full recipe and it looks pretty simple.

As you can see, you might have all the ingredients in your kitchen already, especially if you regularly make Mexican-inspired dishes. The tweet has been liked more than 15,000 times in a week, so you might expect a fight for avocados next time you order groceries!

Apparently, Chipotle is including mini bottles of tabasco sauce with digital orders, if you like to spice up your guacamole or burrito: