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Chili Lime Watermelon Fries Are The Perfect Summer Snack

Yum! We can't wait to try this!

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French fries might just be one of the most versatile foods of all time. Not only can you top them with anything, but you can also make “fries” out of any other food. There are avocado fries, donut fries, funnel cake fries, carrot fries, pumpkin fries — the sky is really the limit.

Now there’s another delicious variation to add to the list, and it’s actually healthy: chili lime watermelon fries. These “fries” aren’t fried in oil; they’re just fresh watermelon sliced into the shape of fries, covered in yummy seasoning and paired with a dipping sauce. They’re the perfect summer appetizer or dessert: sweet, a little spicy and definitely addictive, not to mention easy to make.

To create watermelon fries, you’ll need to use half of a small, seedless ripe watermelon. Simply slice the watermelon into long french fry shapes, then place them into a mixing bowl to toss them with seasoning. The seasoning in the recipe at Hip2Save consists of lime seasoning, chili powder and salt, but you can also use Tajin, a popular pre-made chile lime seasoning blend.

You can even include fresh lime zest to up the flavor: