Good News

This Woman Organized Putting Up Homeless People In Chicago In Hotel Rooms During The Recent Deep Freeze

She booked hotel rooms for 70 homeless people.

The recent polar vortex hit the U.S. hard. The bone-chilling low temperatures of last week left homeless people, in particular, at risk of freezing in the extreme weather.

In Chicago, a group of good samaritans took action to help a homeless encampment in a wooded area by an expressway. After a fire at the camp, police confiscated propane tanks, which people there planned to use for heating, due to concerns over potential propane explosions.

The Salvation Army planned to move those in the camp to a warming center. But before that happened, a group of volunteers led by Chicagoan Candice Payne stepped in to help.

They put people up in motel rooms at the Amber Inn in Bronzeville — the only place that agreed to the arrangement. The volunteers used their own funds to pay for the rooms, and they also turned to social media for assistance.