Artist’s Disney Chalk Drawings Are A Hilarious Commentary On Social Distancing

These will make you chuckle!

These days, we can probably all use a little pick-me-up to lighten the emotional load. Sometimes, we may find them in unexpected places. I’ve stumbled upon a few kindness rocks on some of my recent walks, and some kids in my neighborhood have written inspiring messages on the sidewalks with paint or chalk, which is always fun to find.

An artist in Florida has taken sidewalk chalk art to “A Whole New World,” thanks to her skills and her love of Disney, and she’s capturing so much of what we’re all feeling right now in these colorful temporary masterpieces.

Casey Drake lives in the Orlando area, and she’s sharing art in front of her home that’s bright, fun and full of Disney characters — and timely humor. Her recent sidewalk art series started while she and her 2-year-old were following recent stay-at-home orders.

“We were kind of cooped up in the house, so we came outside and I had some sidewalk chalk for my daughter. I drew a little Olaf for her on the sidewalk,” she told the Orlando Sentinel. “Other neighbors started commenting on it, then I started doing more and more, and then it became kind of a daily tradition.”

Here’s one of her pieces, posted to her Instagram: