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Celebs Who’ve Aged Themselves Using FaceApp

Some of these look realistic!

As any non-celebrity knows, celebs are decidedly not just like us. Many celebrities focus their efforts on remaining youthful for as long as possible — and some of them even succeed at appearing young well into their golden years. So, we quite literally require some kind of technology to see what many celebrities would look like if they allowed themselves to age without aid — and FaceApp, which applies an “aged” filter to a person’s face in a photograph, is just the tool for the job.

While some people have voiced concerns over privacy issues with FaceApp and others have decried the app for potentially promoting ageism, many celebs saw the social media trend as just plain old fun — with an emphasis on “old.”

Adam Scott

Incredibly, the Adam Scott of season two of “Big Little Lies” looks basically identical to the Adam Scott of season two of “Parks and Recreation” — even though nearly a decade has passed between the shows. So, we legitimately require an app to find out what Scott would look like if he actually aged.

He seemed to find the results regrettable, but then he used FaceApp to reveal how he’d look as a pretty lady — and he deemed that image “terrific.”