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Celebs Who’ve Aged Themselves Using FaceApp

Some of these look realistic!

As any non-celebrity knows, celebs are decidedly not just like us. Many celebrities focus their efforts on remaining youthful for as long as possible — and some of them even succeed at appearing young well into their golden years. So, we quite literally require some kind of technology to see what many celebrities would look like if they allowed themselves to age without aid — and FaceApp, which applies an “aged” filter to a person’s face in a photograph, is just the tool for the job.

While some people have voiced concerns over privacy issues with FaceApp and others have decried the app for potentially promoting ageism, many celebs saw the social media trend as just plain old fun — with an emphasis on “old.”

Adam Scott

Incredibly, the Adam Scott of season two of “Big Little Lies” looks basically identical to the Adam Scott of season two of “Parks and Recreation” — even though nearly a decade has passed between the shows. So, we legitimately require an app to find out what Scott would look like if he actually aged.

He seemed to find the results regrettable, but then he used FaceApp to reveal how he’d look as a pretty lady — and he deemed that image “terrific.”


The Jonas Brothers

If this aging filter is accurate, the Jonas Brothers will probably still have young fans swooning over them, even in their old age. The musical trio also plans to live well into their thousandth year, as they captioned their FaceApp image, “When you take a trip to the Year 3000.”

This prompted “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobbie Brown to get curious about the future, commenting on the Jonas Brothers’ post, “has much changed and do you live underwater?”


Busy Philipps

Actress and talk-show host Busy Philipps is extremely active on social media and she has a loyal following of nearly 2 million people on Instagram alone. So, naturally, she had to get in on this photo app trend. She found the end result to be pretty accurate, really, captioning her post with a shrug emoji and: “I mean … probs.”



Drake’s dapper elderly image proves that this @champagnepapi will indeed age like a fine wine, somehow growing more handsome as time marches on. The Canada-born rapper declined to include a pithy caption with his FaceApp photo. Instead, he challenged his followers to caption it themselves, and promised free tickets to his music festival for the person who comes up with the best line to accompany the snapshot.


Carrie Underwood

The “Cry Pretty” singer decided to use FaceApp to find out if she’ll age pretty, too. Applying the app to a snapshot of herself and her husband, Mike Fisher, the resulting picture makes them look like a couple of sweet, happy grandparents out on the town. With Underwood’s amazing voice (that can make babies stop crying!), it doesn’t really matter how she’ll look as the years progress.


Steph Curry

In a post that now has well over 1 million likes, an “elderly” Steph Curry poses in a suit and tie, holding a basketball. The popular athlete displays his everlasting Golden State Warriors fandom with a cap sporting the team logo and a caption that reads, “Been #dubnation since day 1.” Clearly, Curry will be repping Golden State well into his golden years.


James Marsden

James Marsden, who currently stars in Netflix’s hit mystery-drama “Dead to Me,” decided to age himself using FaceApp and the result is … not that dramatic, honestly. The actor looks slightly more weathered and still quite handsome. He offered a joking apology in his caption for allowing “a while” to pass since his last Instagram post.


Kevin Hart

“The Secret Life of Pets” star Kevin Hart was happy to report that his future looks good, commenting that this “elderly” Kevin is rocking a “strong ass old man face and upper body.” It is hard to argue with that description! From the looks of things, Hart’s next project should be “The Secret Life of Pecs.”


JWoww & Snooki

All that time spent in the New Jersey sun doesn’t seem to have damaged JWoww and Snooki all that much, according to their FaceApp picture. Or at least that’s true for JWoww. Snooki poked a little fun at herself in the caption, joking that JWoww is standing next to Coco, the very elderly grandmother in the Disney-Pixar movie “Coco.”

It’s easy to poke a bit of fun at these “stars” of “Jersey Shore,” but Snooki’s net worth is apparently around $4 million. So, who’s laughing now, really?


Mario Lopez

If you’ve ever wanted to see a Frankenstein creation of A.C. Slater on the bottom and distinguished, older man on the top, now’s your chance. Mario Lopez posted two images of his aged self using the FaceApp — one in which he’s shirtless and carrying a couple of beers, the other one featuring his older self dressed up in evening finery.

His current Instagram profile photo is one of himself as a child, which doesn’t look very dissimilar to present-day Lopez or even future Lopez — proving that this man’s energy and exuberance will basically keep him youthful forever.


Mindy Kaling

As Mindy Kaling’s character from “The Office,” Kelly Kapur, might put it, this app is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Of course, Kelly’s sense of vanity would never allow her to find out what her face might look like in old age, but Kaling gave it a try. And she summed up her feelings on the result in a succinct, writerly fashion: “Equal parts hilarious and terrifying”


Ryan Lochte

The FaceApp mainly applies the old-age filter to peoples’ faces, not their bodies, so Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte’s “old age” picture simply seems like there’s a wrinkly face attached to a buff and youthful athlete’s frame. The swimmer apparently had no interest in feigning modesty about how nicely he might age. In his caption, Lochte quoted Will Smith, saying, “The difference between you and me is, I make this look good!”


Zachary Levi

A quick glance at Zachary Levi’s aged face and you might mistake him for Tom Hanks. The “Shazam” star seems totally secure with this, captioning his post with, “So the older I get, the more I look like @tomhanks? I’m good with it.”

Many of his 1.5 million followers couldn’t help but notice how handsome Levi will apparently remain in old age, including actor Timothy Omundson who commented, “You’re gonna have to fight the old ladies at the retirement home off with your walker!!”


Jordan Rodgers And JoJo Fletcher

“Bachelorette” contestant Jordan Rodgers, who won the heart of JoJo Fletcher on the ABC show, used his FaceApp post as an opportunity to joke about how long it’s taking the couple to set a wedding date. The caption under Rodgers’ photo of himself and his sweetheart in old age reads, “When ‘Bachelor’ fans think we will actually get married…”

Then Rodgers added a hashtag with an actual clue for citizens of Bachelor Nation: “#nextyearactually”


Jared Leto

Even celebrity couples dream of growing old together. For Jared Leto, that meant getting a sneak peek at how he and his severed head will fare. Leto caused a stir at this year’s Met Gala when he walked the red carpet wearing, well, a bejeweled red gown and carrying a near-perfect replica of his own noggin. Based on his post, it looks like both Jareds will be fashion-forward for quite some time.


The Fab Five From ‘Queer Eye’

Call it “Old Eye for the Fab Five!” Bobby Berk shared a peek at what the “Queer Eye” cast would look like after logging a few more miles in the old SUV. This group of handsome men makes growing old with your friends look absolutely fabulous.