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Celebrities With Face Tattoos

These tattoos are wild!

It’s not uncommon to see Hollywood stars with at least a tattoo or two these days. But while plenty of celebrities have gotten inked on various parts of their body, not many have dared make the leap to their face — until now, that is. In recent years, it seems face tattoos have become more mainstream. Case in point: Justin Bieber made headlines last year for getting two separate designs inked on his face.

But he’s hardly the only one to use his face as a canvas. Check out some of the other musicians, actors and other public figures who have flaunted face tattoos.

Post Malone

When you think of face tattoos, one of the first celebrities to come to mind is probably Post Malone. The music artist has “Stay Away” inked in curly script on his forehead, as well as the words “Always” and “Tired” below each eye and barbed wire just below his hairline. When asked about the reasoning behind his facial ink, he joked to Capital XTRA:  “Anything to piss my mom off.”

Getty Images | Kevork Djansezian

Kat Von D

Tattoo artist Kat Von D obviously isn’t afraid to go bold with her ink, so it’s not surprising that she eventually decided to use her face as a canvas. She has a cascade of blue stars trailing down the left side of her forehead and upper cheek. She also has a small lightning bolt on her right upper cheek, below her eye.

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The singer has multiple tattoos on her face, although some are so small, you could miss them if you don’t look closely. She has four tiny freckle-like dots, as well as a paper plane, below her eye.  She also has a small queen of hearts design on the side of her face, closer to her ear.

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Tekashi 6ix9ine

Tekashi 6ix9ine may be as well known for his face tattoos as he is for his music. The rapper, who is currently facing some serious prison time for charges ranging from armed robbery to conspiracy to commit murder, has his trademark “69” tattoo above his eye, as well as a variety of other ink on his face. He added to his collection of face tattoos in late 2018, adding “Brooklyn” to his upper forehead as an homage to the borough where he grew up.