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Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares Photos From Her Family Vacation In India

They're gorgeous!

The time has come to pack your bags for holiday trips. According to AAA, a record 107 million Americans will travel by plane, train and car Dec. 23. through Jan. 1. But leave it to Catherine Zeta-Jones and her family to outdo us all with her early holiday travels. The actress and her husband Michael Douglas are currently exploring India with their two children.

Dream Holiday

While we’re dreaming of a white Christmas, Zeta-Jones and her family are fulfilling lifelong dreams of taking in one of the Wonders of the World, and much more. Naturally, their photos and videos on Instagram are making us all green with envy.

My family and other life in India.

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To begin, the photogenic family of four visited the Taj Mahal. For Zeta-Jones, her own family ranks among the “Wonders of the World.” They look right at home with the Taj Mahal in the background.

At the Taj Mahal with the three other “Wonders of the World” in my life❤️

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Douglas and Zeta-Jones walked hand-in-hand as they soaked up the UNESCO World Heritage site. What makes this extra special is that the couple recently celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary. We love that the romantic spark is still so clearly alive between them!

One morning, the family went on a safari and saw tigers in the wild. They watched as a tiger ate breakfast. Zeta-Jones shared this video from the expedition:

India is worlds away from Hollywood. Here, a traffic jam means pausing to allow an elephant to pass:

The trip looks like a dream. Indeed, it is a dream come true for Zeta-Jones.

We love that she was able to fulfill this lifelong dream, and with her entire family in tow. But Zeta-Jones isn’t the only actress captivated by India. In fact, Halle Berry took a “profound spiritual journey” through India last month:

Berry shared several photos from her journey. “Sometimes the universe puts us in places where our souls most need to be in order to see more clearly,” she wrote in a caption. “So grateful to be here!”

Whether it’s connecting with family or getting in tune with yourself, it seems that, this season, India is a top destination for the stars.

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