Here’s Some Of The Coolest Free Stuff On The Internet

The “Interwebs” are a vast and mysterious place, with very interesting things lurking in the distant nooks and crannies. If you go spelunking for long enough, you might even discover some pretty cool free stuff.

Here is small sample of some of the best free stuff you can find online. This list is completely unscientific, in no specific order, and totally subject to change at any moment.

User-Friendly Homepage: iChrome

Install iChrome to organize your frequently used apps and websites on one pretty page. Customize it and use in Google Chrome as your home page or new tab page. There’s a free version (shown below) and a pro version for $20 per year. The upgrade adds a stunning video to your background.


Midday Break: iPet Companion

Nothing soothes the soul like playing with puppies and kittens. And now, you can take a free virtual visit to animal shelters (even when you’re stuck at the office!) through iPet Companion. There are live streaming cameras that you can move around to see the animals, and buttons you can click to jiggle cat toys and give treats to the puppies. It’s adorable, and after a couple of free clicks, you won’t be able to resist buying treats for the pups. But, hey, it’s for a good cause.


Retro Clock: Fliqlo

A 1970s-style flip clock screensaver is a high-tech way to add a bit of retro charm to your space. See them in action here. Cat not included.


Self-Destructing Email: 10-Minute Email

This is totally neat—kind of like the modern-day version of the self-destructing tape player in “Mission:Impossible.” This temporary email address that lasts for, as the name implies, 10 minutes. Use it when you need to give an email address to get access to a website that you don’t want spamming you later.

Clipboard01 (1)

Online Photo Editing: Pixlr

Use this free app to enhance your photos. It’s not as sophisticated as Photoshop, but it also doesn’t come with the Photoshop price tag.


Random Free Stuff: Craigslist

Check out your local Craigslist, and under the “For Sale” section, there’s a sub-header for “Free.” You never know what people in your town might be giving away. As the saying goes, one man’s trash . . .


Feed Others: Free Rice

A noble concept, to be sure. The site will present you with a series of questions. For every correct answer, the World Food Programme will donate 10 grains of rice. It adds up.


Organized Desktop: Rainmeter

Use this free app to organize and customize your computer desktop. See more info here.

Rainmeter Deviantart

Ambient Sounds: A Soft Murmur

Use this on your desktop or download the Android app. (No Apple version yet). Just like the name says, you can get soft, soothing background noises piped in to wherever you are. There’s nothing like falling asleep to the sound of waves lapping up on the shore—when you live in an urban high-rise.

A Soft

[h/t: Thrillist]

These New Maternity Ward Beds Are Being Hailed As A ‘Game Changer’

It can be very difficult for new moms to pick up or hold their newborn from the hospital bassinet. It can also be hard to always depend on a nurse to bring their baby to them.  This is especially true after having a difficult delivery or C-section.

A new bed, as posted by moms’ site BellyBelly, is designed with a bassinet-like section for their newborn baby.  It aims to make it easier for moms to pick-up and hold their new bundle of joy.

The post said, “Would you like to see beds like this in all maternity hospitals? What a great help for C-section mammas too, but most of all, keeping ALL mothers closer to their babies after birth!”

Would you like to see beds like this in all maternity hospitals? What a great help for c-section mammas too, but most of…

Posted by BellyBelly – Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It has clearly resonated with moms out there as there have already been 1/4 million likes and shared over 125,000 times.

Popsugar stated that this bed is a game changer for moms recovering from a C-section and unable to get out of bed to reach their babies without assistance.  The bassinet portion was designed to stick out away from the bed to eliminate the concern of rolling onto the newborn baby.

However, Iffath Hoskins, MD, an OB-GYN at NYU Langone Medical Center, tells Yahoo Parenting that there are some concerns with this type of bed.

“If the mother rolls over from exhaustion (and into the bassinet area), there would be the risk of smothering the baby,” she says. “The mother’s arm could go into that space in her sleep and cover the baby, or she could knock a pillow to the side and it’s on the baby.”

Hoskins goes on to add “That’s why we don’t let the baby sleep in the bed with the mother. That’s why we don’t give blankets other than swaddling.”






Back-To-School Cheat Sheet: Where To Get The Best Deals On School Supplies

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For many families, getting ready to go back to school is not only a time-consuming process—it’s an expensive one.

The National Retail Federation’s 2015 Back-to-School Spending Survey found that families were planning to spend an average of $630.36 on clothing, electronics and school supplies for students grades K-12, with an average $103.92 spent solely on supplies like notebooks, folders, pencils, backpacks and lunchboxes.

Thanks to Passionate Penny Pincher, families looking to cut down their back-to-school costs now have a handy guide for where to get the best deals on school supplies. Overall? WalMart seems to be leading with the lowest prices. Take an 8-count box of Crayola crayons, for example. At WalMart, you’ll pay 87 cents compared to $3.49 at Target, $1.00 at Staples and $3.29 at Office Depot/Max.

WalMart’s pricing does lose out to the other retailers on some items. Mechanical pencils, for example. You can get a 12-count pack at Staples for 75 cents versus $1.46 at WalMart or $1.17 at Target for a 10-count box.


You can print out this chart to take along with you on your school supply shopping trip at They feature other great money-saving tips and deals on back-to-school supplies.

If you’re wondering how Amazon stacks up, I did a little digging and that 8-count box of Crayola crayons is currently $2.60, and the cheapest pack of 10-count mechanical pencils I could find currently cost $2.94—so in both cases, the offline retailers still win.

That said, Amazon does have some great deals on specific back-to-school items. They are selling a 3-pack of Scotch tape for $3.00 as an add-on item. That price is currently $.50 cheaper than WalMart.  You can also pick up a box of 144 No. 2 pencils for $9.98.

Some readers also suggested checking out dollar stores, as you can get a lot of these items at discount stores for an even cheaper price. Additionally, this list does not factor coupons into the price, and that could change where you’ll get the best deals.   Another great suggestion is to take advantage of the Staples price matching policy.  You can save an additional 10% after their discount.

PassionatePennyPincher does point out, too, that Target, Staples and Office Depot/Office Max have lower prices on their store brands that are not all included on this list. As with anything buying “name brand” is usually at a higher premium.

How do you cut back-to-school costs for your family? Tell us on Facebook and happy shopping!


This Company Created A Bunk Bed For People And Their Pets

If you’re an animal lover like me, your pets often sleep in the bed with you. Unfortunately, the quality of sleep is never that great, as they sometimes reposition themselves.

In an effort to not disturb their sleep, I find that I move into uncomfortable positions, like the diagram below. You’re probably nodding your head in agreement right now.

See more on Know Your Meme

Thankfully, a Brazilian Company has heard my cries and designed a bed with a special pet compartment. Built inside the box spring, it’s puuurfect for pets to get the ability to cuddle close by, without the fuss.

Colchão Inteligente Postural

Having the pet bed lower to the ground does have it’s advantages for older or smaller pets: they no longer need to jump, be lifted, or have custom stairs to get into their cozy abode. Because the pet bed is customizable in size, it can be made to fit larger breeds too.

Sounds like a win-win. Would you consider buying this bed?

Colchão Inteligente Postural

This Camper Converts To A Yacht So You Never Have To Choose Between Land And Sea

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Investing in a recreational vehicle is a big decision. Do you go with a camper that will help you explore the reaches of our beautiful country?

Or do you go with a boat to enjoy all that the open water has to offer?

In the case of the Sealander, a camper than transforms into a yacht, you don’t have to decide — you get both.

This ingenious contraption hits the road connected to a trailer hitch, like a regular camper, and then operates like a flat-bottomed boat with an outboard motor on water.

While the Sealander is not the most spacious yacht or camper on the market, the company says that it fits up to six adults.


You can configure the space as benches for hosting or as a bed for sleeping.

You can upgrade the basic design to include such amenities as cooking and washing stations, and audio setup.

There’s also the option to add a toilet to the cockpit storage locker to convert it to a bathroom.

Each Sealander is custom-built at the factory in Germany, and you can choose your own interior finishes as well as exterior colors.

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So how much will the Sealander set you back? The basic model starts at around $17,000 and takes about eight weeks to build.

See it in action here:

Pool Floats For Summer Fun

Take your summer fun up a notch with some of these quirky and downright adorable pool floats.

Dachshund Pool Float

Kool Pool’s Pool Pup Giant Premium Inflatable Dachshund Pool Float Mattress is for sale at Amazon and Walmart online for about $60 a pup. At nearly 7-feet long, this inflatable doxie can hold up to 300 pounds.

I mean, how great this this?


“This ever-smiling dachshund will bring you years of joy and companionship,” the product description reads on “Need someone to hold your drink at the pool? He’s got ya. Need someone to keep you afloat? Got ya there too! Best of all he doesn’t need to be walked or fed. People will want to pet him but that’s up to you.”

Amazon UK

This wiener dog even has a name: Link. And while you could get a pool float that is shaped like an inflatable hunk, we all know Link is the real good boy!

But, if you’re looking for some more fun for your summer swimming days, here’s a few other pool float options to consider.

Pool Bar Float

If food or animal floats aren’t your thing, and you’re looking to satisfy your thirst, then you might want to pick up this amazing pool bar float. You and three of your best buddies can lounge around in the AhhQua Bar, which has four chairs, a built-in cooler, and, of course, cup holders!


Pizza Float

A six-foot floating piece of pizza? That sounds like a slice of heaven! And, you can put a bunch of them together to make an entire floating pie!


Donut Float

As you can see, this floating donut is looks almost good enough to take a bite out of before tossing it in the water.


You Can Now Control Your TV With An Official Harry Potter Wand Remote

The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.

Harry Potter fans, rejoice! If you’ve always wanted to make like Harry, Hermione and Ron and use a wand to control items around you, you’re in luck. The Harry Potter Remote Control Wand exists, and it can be all yours.


Amazon is selling this incredible little device, which allows “Harry Potter” fans to bring the joys of the wizarding world to their very own living room. The officially licensed Harry Potter Remote Control Wand offers nine separate commands  — including “the Flick Up,” “the Flick Down” and “the Big Swish” — to control your television or other electronic devices.

The Noble Collection

With a couple of triple-A batteries and one of nine simple gestures, you can use the wand to change channels or tracks, turn the volume up or down, and more. It can be used to operate any electronic device that uses an infrared remote control, such as a television, Blu-ray player or stereo. The device is also compatible with PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

You can program and use multiple devices at the same time as well.

This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves the “Harry Potter” franchise. Not only does it pay homage to the beloved story,  but it’s also practical.

As Amazon describes, “The finely detailed wand is modeled directly from the prop used in the ‘Harry Potter’ films and comes complete with a collector box and comprehensive illustrated instructions.”


You can currently buy the wand for $49.00. The item is available for Prime shipping, which means members will be able to order and receive it within two days.

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What better way to add some wizardry to your viewing experience or bring the world of Hogwarts to your own living room? As one reviewer wrote: “I am a Muggle NO MORE!!!”

This Genius T-Shirt Lets You Communicate With Anyone In The World

Traveling to other countries where English is not the main language can be an adventure.  While I personally love the challenge and thrill of it, sometimes it can be a little stressful and frustrating.

There have been many times when I’ve gone around in circles trying to ask a basic question (e.g. where is the bathroom?).

Sometimes you try to break it down and doodle a picture to ask your question. This was the exact situation that Swiss friends Swiss friends George, Steven and Florian, found themselves in.

They directed their frustrations to coming up with a better way to communicate and it resulted in Iconspeak.  

IconSpeak is the ultimate t-shirt for travelers.  It features 40 universally recognized and essential icons.  When you don’t know the language you can just point to the icon and you have instant recognition.   No doodling or endless repetition of words the other person doesn’t understand.

To fit everyone’s style, Iconspeak also carries baseball hats, tank-tops, bags, and beanies with the icon collection.  Check out more on their website here.