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This Pumpkin Pie In A Jar Is The Easiest Way To Bake A Homemade Pie

They'll never know you didn't spend all day in the kitchen!

Pumpkin pie is Americans’ favorite pie, even beating out favorites like pecan, cherry and apple. As such, many of us already have cherished family recipes for creating the beloved pie. But for those times when you need a shortcut, just head to your local Costco.

No, we’re not talking about Costco’s legendary pumpkin pie, although that’s always a must-buy. Nope. Costco is now carrying a brilliant baking-hack item called “Pumpkin Pie in a Jar.”

Made by Clara’s Kitchen, this product contains everything you need to make a delicious pumpkin pie, save for the crust and the eggs. The mixture already includes brown sugar, spices, heavy cream and, of course, pumpkin puree. So all you have to do is beat in the eggs and then pour the whole mixture into your crust.