You Can Prepare Hot Food Anywhere With This Flameless Cooker

Outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and fishing can be quite enjoyable, but nothing ruins a good experience like having to eat the the same tasteless, dry food for days on end. Setting up a gas stove is an option, but it can be a hassle to safely manage an open flame while you’re busy having outdoor adventures — not to mention the fact that the weather doesn’t always permit a fire.

Thankfully, an innovative flameless cooker has arrived to solve all your outdoor meal woes: the YABUL Cook.

YABUL Cook is a lightweight, compact and eco-friendly BPA-free silicone cooker that doesn’t require a flame, allowing you to enjoy warm food without having to carry around cumbersome cooking supplies. The YABUL Cook uses special heating pads and water to cook food almost to a boiling point in just minutes. As the temperature rises and the cooker expands, the system locks into place, keeping your food to stay warm.


Natural energy scientist Suseok Kim came up with the idea after going on a camping trip with his family in 2014, when he felt frustrated with all the supplies he had to carry. Because of Kim’s experience, the cooker is also designed to be compact, and it can be rolled up tightly for easy storage. This makes it a good option for activities such as backpacking, camping or hiking. You can even keep it in your pantry in case of an emergency, such as a power outage or natural disaster.


The YABUL Cook is currently available on Kickstarter and IndieGogo. The cooker is currently on sale for $45 and the purchase includes 25 heating packs.

Take a look at the video below for a demonstration of how it works: