This Brilliant Suitcase Converts Into A Crib, Baby Seat, Tub And More

Babies require a lot of gear. There’s the car seat, the changing table, the baby seat, the bathtub and the rocker. Then they need clothes, bottles, diapers and wipes.

If you’ve ever traveled with a little one, you know that trying to pack and lug all of this stuff around with you can be a pretty big challenge. So, to help parents on the go, Canailles Dream has created an innovative six-in-one suitcase that also functions as a raised baby seat or rocker, a bassinet, a changing table and a bathtub.

Made in France, La Multi sells for 599,00€ ($737.19). From the outside, La Multi looks like your average, everyday suitcase. It’s anything but. In addition into transforming into whatever you need, the suitcase comes with a set of linens, including a bassinet bumper, mattress, mattress protector and fitted sheet, a pad for the seat/rocker and a fitted pad for the changing table. Check it out:

La Multi works for babies up to about 11 kilos (24 lbs). In order to use the bathtub feature, you can purchase La Dreamy Pool for 39.90€ ($49.10). It’s a custom-made liner for La Multi that includes a plug and drain pipe.

See this multi-functional suitcase in action in the video below:

Pretty clever! The product comes with a two-year warranty and is made from recycled materials.

La Multi is the brainchild of trained engineer Alex Grignon. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and Grignon was inspired to create the product after he realized how difficult it was to transport everything needed for his baby daughter during his first family vacation as a father.

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[h/t: Yahoo]