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This 2-Year-Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy Celebrated Halloween With An Amazing ‘Up’ Costume

He is so cute!

Plenty of kids’ Halloween costumes are super-cute, but not many are super-cute and inspiring. Ohio 2-year-old Brantley Morse nailed both counts in his outfit based on the movie “Up.”

With his cardigan and bowtie, Brantley, who has cerebral palsy, looks a lot like Carl Fredricksen, the hero of Disney-Pixar’s 2009 smash. His mom, Brittany Morse, told Akron Children’s Hospital that she wanted Brantley’s medical equipment to be a part of the costume, too, to show how he’s making the best of his disability: Sure enough, his walker works as an analog to Carl’s cane, and Brantley’s glasses look like Carl’s, too.

Naturally, a few balloons tied to the walker complete the adorable look — in the movie, Carl is a balloon salesman who sails away to South America after tying hundreds of balloons to his house.

Take a peek! Akron Children’s Hospital posted this shot to their Facebook page recently.

Cerebral palsy affects muscle tone and movement, according to the Mayo Clinic, including balance problems, stiff muscles, involuntary movements and difficulty speaking or eating. It’s often caused by brain damage that occurs before birth, and is diagnosed in the early years of life.

The hospital said that Brantley also lives with lung and kidney disease and gastroparesis, a condition where the stomach doesn’t empty itself properly. Nevertheless, he was ready to party at the fall festival where he donned the costume, and plans to keep celebrating the holiday. It’s the first year he’s had a chance to dress up for Halloween!

Here’s another snap from @akronchildrens on Instagram, showing the balloons more clearly: