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Steve Irwin’s Daughter, Bindi, Got Married At The Australia Zoo But There Were No Guests

"We've planned this beautiful day for nearly a year and had to change everything."

Bindi Irwin, the beloved conservationist, TV star and daughter of the late “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, didn’t let the threat of the novel coronavirus cancel her wedding to Chandler Powell — although she did make one major concession. The ceremony had no guests!

The couple’s wedding took place at the Australia Zoo on March 25, which was a Wednesday. It happened just hours before new limits from the Australian government’s Department of Health, stipulating that no more than five people can attend weddings: the couple, the officiant and witnesses. That resulted in quite a dramatic change of plans for the wedding of one of that nation’s most famous women.

“We’ve planned this beautiful day for nearly a year and had to change everything, as we didn’t have guests at our wedding,” the 21-year-old wrote on a cute Instagram post she shared about the nuptials. “This was a very difficult decision but important to keep everyone safe. We wish all of our friends and family could have been there with us, however it’s lovely that we will be able to share photos and videos. Right now we’re encouraging the world to hold onto hope and love, which will carry us forward during this profound time in history.”