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This Son Tweeted His Dad Was ‘Sad’ About His Empty Donut Shop, And Customers Came Pouring In

Now this is what you call a sweet story.

The thing about families is that no matter what, they always do their best to stick together. If you haven’t got your family, then who have you got?

One Houston man had just opened his very own donut shop, Billy’s Donuts, in what was meant to be one of the proudest days in his life. Unfortunately for Satharith By, nobody else got the memo, and he was left with a store filled with donuts, but not a customer in sight.

The day wasn’t a total bust for By though. Satharith’s young son, Billy, came along to save the day thanks to the one thing the younger generation understand more than most: social media. Billy could see the distraught look on his father’s face and could not stand for it, so he took action. One simple tweet, and hundreds of thousands of retweets later, Billy’s Donuts was thriving.

Here’s how one son’s tweet sent the internet into meltdown and filled an entire donut shop.

Donut Shop Near Houston

Satharith By had done all of the hard work, and Billy’s Donuts in Missouri City, Texas — which is about a 30-minute drive outside Houston — was looking exactly how he wanted it. Now it was time for the grand opening, but things didn’t get off to the start he would have wanted. By was eagerly awaiting the customers to come flooding in but the longer he waited, the more disappointed he became. Luckily there was a knight in shining and glazed armor waiting to help.