When And Where To Take An Affordable Last-Minute, Summer Vacation

If you’ve been enviously scrolling through your friends’ vacation photos on Facebook, don’t worry. There’s still plenty of time left for you to take a vacation this summer. In fact, you haven’t even missed out on the best time to travel just yet.

According to a recent study Hotwire conducted looking at hotel prices across the nation, the last two weeks in August is the best time this summer to find great rates at 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels. September is showing decent rates, too, if you can swing a getaway after school/life are back in full swing.

Here are the top ten cities to travel to (at a fraction of the cost). In these cities, you’ll find rates as low as $67 a night for your stay in 3-5 star hotels. So, it’s looking as though you may be able to take a vacation, after all, huh?

Las Vegas

las vegas photo
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houston photo
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Atlanta photo
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Orlando photo
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Dallas photo
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San Diego

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Minneapolis photo
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New Orleans

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San Antonio

San Antonio photo
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St. Louis

Saint Louis photo
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Hotwire’s research breaks down the best cities to travel to into even more categories including, “No crowds,” “Bring the kids,” and “Best with friends.” So, no matter how/where/why you’re looking to getaway, Hotwire’s got its eye on the continental destination for you.

See the full results here, and get to packing, why don’t you? The summer vacation you’ve been dreaming of is still within reach!

[h/t: Lifehacker]