DIY ‘Bar In A Jar’ Makes A Great Gift

This is a fun way to say "cheers" from afar!

Whether you need a quick gift to send to a friend who just got engaged or want to cheer up a pal who’s been homebound for months, a “bar in a jar” is a fabulous DIY gift option.

Under ordinary circumstances, when we’d have weddings to attend and other celebrations to enjoy, a big mason jar containing various cocktail spirits would make for a cute, unique gift. But these days, it may also be the only way we’re able to enjoy a drink “with” friends.

Best of all, it couldn’t be easier to put together one of these jars of joy. First, you’ll need to find a big mason jar (or some other large jar or bucket), and then grab some tiny bottles of liquor, based on your friend or loved one’s preferences.

Fill the jar with the liquor bottles, add a tag that says “Bar in a Jar,” screw on the lid and you’ve got yourself a cute gift for someone who needs a boozy pick-me-up!

There are plenty of ways to get creative with this project, too, even just by decorating the jar with some glittery ribbon and polka-dotted paper, as Instagram user @spookykid0105 did with the jar she made as a Father’s Day gift.