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Street Artist Banksy’s Latest Piece Honors ‘superhero’ Healthcare Workers

That cape is appropriate!

The anonymous U.K. artist Banksy is known for darkly comic, satirical street art. But like others, he’s having to work from home during lockdown. His latest work, shared on his official Instagram account, pays tribute to the healthcare workers who are making huge sacrifices and risking their lives to provide care to the huge numbers of people who have been infected with the new coronavirus.

Banksy’s new piece, called “Game Changer,” shows a child playing with a nurse toy, while the more traditional (and celebrated) superheroes Batman and Spider-Man lie discarded in a bin. The entire thing is in black and white, apart from a pop of red on the cross on the front of the nurse’s uniform.

Like any superhero, she has her arm extended as if she’s flying and a cape floating behind her. And, of course, she’s wearing her face mask.