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Banana Pudding Meets Rum In This Banana Pudding Shots Recipe

This sounds sweet and delicious!

Rum and banana are the perfect flavor combo. Whether we are talking banana daiquiris or rum runners or even rum banana bread, these two just belong together.

No wonder these Banana Pudding Shots are calling our name. The traditional deliciousness of banana pudding gets taken to the next level with the addition of white rum, and the result is boozy perfection in a shot glass. Made with instant vanilla pudding mix, vanilla wafer cookies, rum, Cool Whip and half a banana (of course), this recipe is simple to make but looks ultra-fancy.

Although these are called Banana Pudding Shots, they aren’t the kind of shots you throw back at the bar, but rather little mini-desserts served in a shot glass. Beware, though — they’re still alcoholic and they go down easy, so be careful not to overdo it! Find the full recipe here on Delish.

Or try this recipe from Betty Crocker. As befitting the respectable Ms. Crocker, there is no rum in this recipe, but you can easily add white rum to the vanilla pudding mix to make this an adult dessert. (You can adjust the amount of rum to your preference but 1/2 to 3/4 cup of rum should do the trick.)

It’s unclear if this shot from Atlanta-based event planner Affairs to Remember includes any alcohol, but they sure look inviting, don’t they?