Here’s The Best Way To Reheat A Slice Of Cold Pizza

Pizza is one of those foods that most people can never get quite enough of, which means if you’ve got some leftover pizza from last night, you’re definitely going to want to eat it. Cold pizza isn’t the worst thing in the world—some people actually love it—but it’s definitely not as delicious as when it’s bubbling and hot.

So we’ve established that leftover pizza is better warm, but what’s the best way to reheat it? Sticking it in the microwave turns your slice into a soggy shell of its former self, so that method’s out. Some people opt to reheat their pizza in the oven, but even then it still doesn’t taste quite right, and you’ve spent 20 minutes trying to reheat a slice that will never be as good as the real deal. So what’s a pizza lover to do?

The trick is actually to reheat the pizza on the stove. It’s almost as fast as cooking it in the microwave, but the crust retains its crispiness while the cheese melts perfectly above it. All you need is a frying pan or skillet and a lid or some foil to cover your pizza once it’s in the pan. Here’s what you do:

1. Put a large frying pan or skillet on the stovetop on medium heat. Nonstick works best so the cheese won’t get stuck.

2. Pour a small splash of oil onto the pan and let it heat up.

3. Add the pizza and fry until the bottom of the crust turns golden brown.

4. Once the crust has cooked, cover the pizza and continue to cook until cheese is warm and melted, about 1 minute.

5. Serve and enjoy!

Check out the step-by-step directions in this video from Slate. See how easy it is to reheat your pizza, recreating that perfect crisp crust and hot melty cheese. You’ll never eat cold pizza again!

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How To Make Your Own DIY Canvas Wall Art (For Cheap!)

Everyone wants their home to be impeccably decorated, but getting the right pieces can end up getting really expensive. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have some attractive decor, and with a little creativity and handiwork, you can make your own wall art at home.

DIY canvas art is a cheap and fast way to add some flavor to your household walls. All you need is a canvas, some fabric, sticky letters, spray paint and a staple gun. You can custom-make these fabric canvases to match the look of your decor, so you can pick a piece of fabric and paint color that looks best with your existing color scheme.

The cool thing about this canvas art is you can spell out whatever you’d like. You then spray the paint over the sticky letters, and once it dries, you peel it off, and the saying is revealed on the remaining fabric. Check out the video yourself to see how to make this fun and easy craft.

Materials Needed

  • Canvas
  • Colorful fabric
  • Sticky letters
  • Spray paint
  • Staple gun
  • Exacto knife (optional)


  1. Cover the canvas with fabric. Pull tight and secure with staple gun on the back, making sure you staple it in the center of all sides so it stays put.
  2. Place sticky letters in a phrase of your choice on the fabric. Tip: Measure the center of the board. Start from the center, and work your way outwards. Lay the letters out to see how they can be arranged before sticking them on.
  3. Lightly spray paint over entire canvas so paint doesn’t bleed under the letters (it may not fully coat).
  4. Let dry for 10 minutes.
  5. Spray another coat to fully cover.
  6. When dry, peel off letters. Use a craft/exacto knife to help peel the letters off, if needed.