Attention, ’80s Kids! There’s Now A Trapper Keeper Game

This is a serious trip down memory lane!

Summer is coming to an end and you know what that means — it will soon be time for your kids to head back to school!

While back-to-school season can be nerve-wracking, I still remember the delicious anticipation I experienced at the thought of seeing my friends again. And another thing I loved? Back-to-school shopping!

I suppose kids these days also enjoy shopping for school supplies but, in my humble opinion, kids of the ’80s and ’90s had it especially good. Remember those Lisa Frank pencil cases and folders? Scratch and sniff stickers? Scented markers? And then there was the ultimate in back-to-school accessories — the Trapper Keeper!

Here’s a pic to jog your memory from Instagram user @cherryhoopsdotcom, who has her old Trapper Keeper propped up next to her old Caboodle (another ’80s darling that came back this past year):