All Of Your Worrying Could Actually Be Making You Smarter

Do you tend to wake up in the middle of the night, worried you overslept your alarm? If you fear showing up to work in your pajamas just to make sure you still get there on time, you are certainly not alone.

Do you play out that speech you’ve got to present over and over again in your head, terrified that by the time you’re on and everyone’s paying attention to you you’re going to blank? Yep, I can relate.

This just means that you tend to worry, probably about pretty much everything, but at least the important stuff. While this can be exhausting, there’s some good news for those of us who fret too much.


You’re probably draining yourself physically and emotionally with all of that anxiety, but there’s been a study that proves there’s a link between verbal intelligence and a constant state of worry. So, at least all of that worrying is good for something, right?

According to PureWow, the study was conducted by researchers from Lakehead University in Ontario and proved that people who worry also tend to score higher on verbal intelligence tests. So, while you’re mulling over that speech in your mind instead of getting a good night’s rest, what you’re actually doing is sharpening your critical thinking skills.


That’s got to make you feel a bit better, right? You knew all of that stressing would come in handy someday, and turns out, you were right.

But, do try not to worry quite as much. Because for the millionth time— you did set your alarm and you will wake up on time. Try to get some rest now, would you?

[h/t: PureWow]