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Aldi Is Selling Bright Pink Watermelon Wine

Yum! We can't wait to try this!

Watermelon is the unofficial fruit of summer, and this year, Aldi is selling bright-pink watermelon wine that’s perfect for sipping on all season long. Burlwood Cellars Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Watermelon Wine is only available at Aldi for a limited time. Quantities are limited, so make sure you snag a bottle or more while you can.

According to the product description, the fruity wine features “notes of watermelon and citrus complimented by a rich, long-lasting finish. Perfect complement to a delicious meal, beautiful day, fun party, or on its own. Serve chilled.”



According to Delish, a bottle will set you back about $3.49, depending on your location. It’s already been spotted on Aldi store shelves around the country, and so far, people seem to think the pink drink is definitely worth a try.

Instagram user @brianaz0716 put hers it on ice and called it “very good”: