8 Delicious Drinks That Are Better For You Than Soda

We now know that soda is one of the worst drinks you can consume—after all, it’s mostly sugar, sometimes with a side of chemicals.

In addition to weight gain, soda consumption is linked to a number of other health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and dementia. Enjoying a soda once in awhile won’t kill you, but if it’s a habit, you’d be wise to start working it out of your diet.

Ready to make the switch? Here are eight tasty and refreshing drinks that are better for you than soda, but every bit as delicious.

1. Georgia Peach Lemonade

If you’re craving something sweet, this peach version of the Southern favorite is sure to satisfy. Naturally sweetened with maple syrup, this lemonade is mixed with pureed peaches, giving it extra flavor and some healthy fiber.

The Gracious Pantry

Recipe: The Gracious Pantry

2. Tea Soda

Combine sparkling mineral water with brewed tea, fresh fruit and a little bit of stevia, and you’ve got a clean soda that will give you an energy boost without all the extra sugar.

Healthful Pursuit

Recipe: Healthful Pursuit

3. Ginger And Lemongrass Fizz

Sprite addicts will love this sparkling lemon-lime drink, infused with ginger and honey.

Casey Jade

Recipe: Casey Jade

4. Raspberry Cream Soda

Cream soda sounds like it would have to be unhealthy, but not this clean version! This delicious fruity soda is made with raspberries for sweetness and coconut milk for a natural creaminess.

The Nourishing Gourmet

Recipe: The Nourishing Gourmet

5. Mango and Mint Tea Watermelon Slushie

This no-sugar-added slushie is sweetened with mango and watermelon and gets an added depth of flavor from mint tea.


Recipe: Instructables

6. Strawberry Water Agua Fresca

This easy-to-make strawberry-infused water is as guilt-free as it is fruity. Add a little bit of stevia for extra sweetness, and run-of-the-mill sodas will become a distant memory.

Savy Naturalista

Recipe: Savy Naturalista

7. Pineapple Mint Sparkler

This sparkling drink has no added sugar, but gets plenty of natural sweetness from pineapple juice and pureed pineapple, plus a refreshing herbal kick from fresh mint.

Eat Something Delicious

Recipe: Eat Something Delicious

8. Coconut Lime Fizz Cooler

“If you like piña coladas…,” this creamy, fruity, fizzy tropical drink is vacation in a glass.


Recipe: Paleomg