7 Ways To Lose Weight Without Even Trying

Losing weight can seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to jump on fad diets or cut out all of your favorite foods to get in shape. Instead, you can make little tweaks that don’t require too much effort but still have a big impact on your waistline. Steer clear from those drastic changes and start with some baby steps to begin shedding pounds.

Here are seven ways you can lose weight without even trying.

1. Start Doing HIIT Workouts

Doing regular cardio and muscle training is great, but swap out one of your workouts for a high-intensity interval training exercise to maximize your results. Multiple studies show that HIIT burns more fat than similar exercises with constant intensities.

workout photo
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2. Color-Coordinate Your Plates

You may think that the color of your dinner plates don’t matter, but research from Cornell University shows that people serve themselves more food when it matches the color of their plate. Stock up on green plates to eat more greens, or if you’re trying to eat less of a specific food, serve it on a dish with a contrasting color.

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3. Take Some Selfies

It can be hard to stay motivated, but if you snap a full body of yourself once a week, it might help. A study from Colombia found that people who took weekly photos, as well as tracked their diet and exercise, were more likely to reach their weight loss goals than those who didn’t incorporate photos into their tracking.

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3. Keep Healthy Food Within Reach

Lock away the junk food and fill up that fruit basket. Another study from Cornell University found that people who left fruit on their countertops weighed an average of 13 pounds less than people who don’t keep the healthy option on display. Additionally, participants who left cereal on the counter weighed an average of 20 pounds more than those who didn’t keep the food out, and those who left soda out fared the worst, weighing 25 pounds more than those who don’t keep the sugary drink in sight.

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4. Eat Before Going To The Grocery Store

A good rule of thumb to follow: Never go to the grocery store hungry. Additional research from Cornell University found that those who shopped for groceries when hungry purchased more high-calorie foods than those who ate a snack before making their food selection.

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5. Use Cash

Once you’re at the grocery store, opt for cash rather than credit. You’re more likely to buy junk food when paying with a credit card than cash, according to Cornell University. Unhealthy foods are usually impulse purchases, and you’re more likely to budget yourself when paying with cash than with plastic.

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6. Take More Walks

Take the stairs, walk to work or even go for a stroll on your lunch break. A study from Duke University found that walking 30 minutes a day can help you lose body fat and gain muscle.

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7. Eat Mindfully

It’s time to stop mindlessly eating in front of the TV or on the go. Mindful eating, which includes eating slowly, pausing between bites, and noticing the smells, taste and texture of your food can help improve your relationship with food as well as help with weight loss, according to Harvard Health.

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